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About Denver Rope tow line tow bridle
The Custom Color Boat Lines, Hardware, and Special Assembly Experts.
We are committed to outfitting your vessel to your exact needs and specifications. We manufacture the Best Quality Custom Colored Dock Lines, Anchor Lines, Tow Lines, Mooring Lines, Bridles, and Special Assemblies on the market. We also have the largest selection of stainless steel and galvanized hardware available.

Our Custom Colored Boat Lines match you vessel's color scheme. Specify a Complete set of Premium Quality Lines for any boat. We have everything you need, including custom color double braid nylon rope, double braid polyester rope, stainless steel or galvanized marine hardware, anchor chain, mooring buoys, rope floats, and boat fenders. We also manufacture the best tow bridles.

We specialize in Double Braided Nylon Boat Lines for shock absorption, strength, and longevity. We also provide Polyester Double Braid, 3-Strand Nylon, 12-Strand Nylon, and 12-Strand Amsteel Rope Materials.

We custom assemble windlass anchor rode assemblies using heat-set 3-strand twisted nylon rope or 8-plait nylon rope. We carry a wide selection of ACCO G4 High Test and BBB windlass grade anchor chain. We also carry standard grade pleasure marine anchor chain.

Houseboat services include Custom Colored Houseboat Lines that match your color scheme, size, and strength specifications. Do you need Custom Colored Houseboat Anchor Lines, Houseboat Dock Lines, and a Tow Line for your power boat? Our anchor lines, dock lines and tow lines will hold up to the toughest weather conditions. Give us a call.

colored dock lines colored dock lines colored dock lines

All our boat lines are custom made-to-order to your specifications by expert craftsmen.

All our rope is made in the USA to include Custom Colored Boat Lines, Custom Colored Anchor Lines, Custom Colored Mooring Lines, Custom Colored Tow Lines and Tow Bridles, and Custom Colored Dock Lines

Dock Line Selection Process
colored dock lines custom colored dock line

Assortment of Custom Colored Dock Lines

3/4” Custom Colored Dock Line for Houseboat provided with a nylon cordura Covered Eye Splice. Covered Eyes are a must for long term mooring applications. Is your boat moored in a slip? Then cover those eyes.

Custom Color Dock Lines
1. Choose Rope Diameter
2. Choose Rope Length
4. Choose Loop / Eye Splice Size
(12", 18", 24", 36" & Custom Sizes Upon Request)
5. Choose Optional Nylon Cordura Chafe Protection - "Covered Eye" (additional locations upon request)
6. Choose Quantity of Dock Lines
7. Repeat selection process for each type of dock lines (bow, stern, spring lines, etc.)
nautical rope strength Click here to Download Catalog PDF, View Chapter 7 Dock Lines
Anchor Line Selection Process
colored anchor line colored anchor lines
Two Custom Colored 3/4” x 150ft double braid nylon Anchor Lines for a Houseboat. All our double braid nylon splices are hand sewn and then whipped for extra holding power. The bitter ends are melted clean and also whipped.
Two more Custom Colored 3/4” x 150ft double braid nylon Anchor Lines for a Houseboat. Stainless Steel Thimble Splices are a standard offering for our anchor lines. For 3/4” lines, use 1/2” stainless steel bow shackles to connect the anchor line to anchor chain or directly to the anchor itself.
Custom Colored Anchor Lines
1. Choose Rope Diameter
2. Choose Rope Length
4. Stainless Steel Thimble (Standard / Included)

5. Choose Optional Stainless Steel Anchor or Bow Shackle

6. Choose Optional Chafe Protection in a Custom Location (mooring on shore)
7. Choose Quantity & Repeat Selection Process for each type of anchor line
(We have a wide selection of anchor and windlass chain in S-S or Galvanized)
shackle with thimble
Use a Bow Shackle to connect to your anchor / anchor chain / and or mooring system
houseboat anchor lines
This houseboat is outfitted with hand crank winches for taking the slack out of their anchor lines. There are two aft winch stanchions, one on each side for tightening a total of four 3/4” custom colored double braid nylon anchor lines. Note: Many houseboats use long dock lines or shore lines to secure the houseboat to the shore while still others might have windlasses chain.

nylon anchor line3-Strand Twisted White Nylon - Anchor Lines For those of you who need a cheaper solution than double braid nylon, we also assemble 3-Strand Twisted Nylon Anchor Lines. In inventory, our white 3-Strand twisted nylon anchor lines are constructed with a hot dipped galvanized thimble. 3-strand nylon is also available in solid black.

3-Strand White Twisted Heat-Set Nylon & 8-Plait Nylon - Windlass Grade Anchor Lines We also carry windlass grade nylon rope, which is specially treated for this purpose. We can assemble any anchor rode that your windlass manufacture requires. As always, you can select any of our hardware and chain products to make a custom anchor rode.

nautical rope strength Click here to Download Catalogue PDF, View Chapter 8 Anchor Lines
Tow Line and Mooring Line Selection Process
mooring line with buoy mooring line with buoy
Custom 3/4” x 15ft black double braid nylon mooring line or mooring pendant. The 1/2” stainless steel shackle connects to the mooring buoy while the quick release snap shackle connects to the boat’s bow eye. Customers can specify any number of rope floats to keep the rope from sinking. This same set-up can be used for a single-leg tow line, just increase the length of the line to typically from 75ft to 100ft. We can also assemble mooring pendants out of stainless steel wire rope and better 12-Strand Dyneema / Amsteel rope.
3/4” x 150ft custom colored double braid nylon anchor line or houseboat shore line. The 1/2” stainless steel bow shackle connects to a 3/8” stainless steel swivel eye hook, which connects to their anchor chain via another 1/2" stain steel bow shackle not depicted. Note that Mooring Line is a general term to include anchor lines, dock lines, shore lines, etc. Stainless Steel Hardware is standard on all our Mooring Lines.

Custom Colored Tow Line or Mooring Line
1. Choose Rope Diameter
2. Choose Rope Length
4. Choose Quantity
Bow & Stern Connections
5. Stainless Steel Thimble (Standard / Included)
6. Select hardware connections for each end of tow line or mooring line from examples below. Connections to a bow should be made via a hook that is on a bearing. Connections to a cleat can be made via a plain bitter end or use a dock line eye splice with optional "covered eye". Choose optional rope floats as required for your application. Repeat process for each line required.
7. Select one:
(A) Permanent hook-to-thimble connection "Thimble Splice"
(B) Hook-to-anchor-shackle-to-thimble connection
mooring line with buoyStainless Steel Swivel Eye Hooks connected to bow shackles which allow for flexibility of line usage. Switch between Tow Line and Anchor Line applications.
stainless steel shackle trigger shackle
We have standardized on stainless steel hardware for all our lines. Our double braid nylon splices are hand sewn and then whipped to secure the splice. The whipping twine color can be selected as to differentiate between lines.
Permanent Connection (strongest) know as a thimble splice. Here a Quick Release Snap Shackle is spliced to a stainless steel thimble and 3/4” double braid nylon rope.
nautical rope strength Click here to Download Catalog PDF, View Chapter 11 Mooring Pendants & Bridles
Tow Bridle & Mooring Line Worksheet
ocean tow bridle
Fully Specified Ocean Tow Bridle: 58 ft Sovran Yacht by Tiara towing a 24 ft Center Console by Everglades. The bridle’s working load was chosen to be 4,500 lbs, which is the estimated fully loaded weight of the center console. Notice that the center console stays in the middle of the wake even as the Tiara is making a port side turn.
nautical rope strength Click here to Download Catalog PDF, View Chapter 9 Tow Lines
  nautical rope strength Click here to Download our Tow Bridle / Tow Line Work Sheet PDF
y tow bridle tow ropes
Towing on a Lake? We assemble single leg tow lines for recreational and commercial towing applications like this one on Lake Powell, Utah / AZ.
custom tow bridle
Custom Tow Bridle ready for shipment. For high performance and strength applications we use a combination of double braid nylon on the stern legs, which provide a degree of stretch and shock absorption, and high strength 12-strand dyneema / amsteel on the longer tow leg, which provides high strength and line floatation. The stainless steel hardware is selected to match the working load of the tow bridle. We only use heavy duty stainless steel wire rope thimbles for dyneema / amsteel applications. The same materials and concepts can be applied to heavy duty single leg tow lines, mooring lines, and mooring pendants.
Boat Line Selection Guide
Dock Line Selection Guide
Anchor Line Selection Guide
Boat Length
Diameter Stern & Bow Lines Spring Lines Short Lines   Length Diameter Mooring Pendant
<= 19 ft
3/8" (2) 10 ft (2) 24 ft (2) 10 ft   75 - 150 ft 3/8" 1/2"
20 - 30 ft
1/2" (2-4) 12 ft (2) 30 ft (2) 10 ft   75 - 150 ft 1/2" 5/8"
31 - 40 ft
5/8" (2-4) 15 ft (2) 40 ft (2) 10 ft   100 - 200 ft 1/2" - 5/8" 3/4" - 7/8"
41 - 50 ft
3/4" (2-4) 20 ft (2) 50 ft (2) 15 ft   100 - 200 ft 3/4" - 7/8" 1-0"
51 - 60 ft
7/8" (2-4) 25 ft (2) 60 ft custom   100 - 200 ft 1-0" 1-1/4"
61 - 70 ft
1-0" (2-4) 30 ft (2) 70 ft custom   >= 200 ft 1-0" - 1-1/4" 1-1/4" - 1-1/2"
House Boat
3/4" (4) 15 ft custom (4) 10 ft   (4) 100 - 200 ft 3/4" 1-1/2" - 2-0"
71 - 90 ft
1-0" custom custom custom   custom custom custom
91 - 110 ft
1-1/8" custom custom custom   custom custom custom
111 - 130 ft
1-1/4" custom custom custom   custom custom custom
131 - 150 ft
1-1/2" custom custom custom   custom custom custom
151 - 200 ft
1-3/4" custom custom custom   custom custom custom
201 - 300 ft
2-0" custom custom custom   custom custom custom
> 300 ft
custom custom custom custom   custom custom custom
Rope & Hardware Selection Guide
Double Braid Nylon Diameter
Tensile Strength W.L. Bow Shackle Swivel Eye Hook Spring Clip Quick Release Snap Shackle Trigger Release Shackle Anchor Chain Master Link
inches mm    
3/8" 9 4,900 980 1/4" 1/4" 7/16" 3/16" 1/2"
7/16" 11 5,700 1,140 5/16" 5/16" 1/2"   3/16" 1/2"
1/2" 12 8,500 1,700 3/8" 5/16" 1/2"     1/4" 1/2"
9/16" 14 10,200 2,040 3/8" 5/16" 1/2"     5/16" 1/2"
5/8" 16 13,500 2,700 7/16" 5/16" 1/2" 2775 T20 5/16" 1/2"
3/4" 18 19,400 3,880 1/2" 3/8"   2775 T20 3/8" 5/8"
7/8" 22 28,300 5,660 5/8" 1/2"   2776 T20 1/2" 3/4"
1-0" 24 34,000 6,800 3/4"     2777 T20 1/2" 3/4"
1-1/4" 30 52,300 10,460 1-0"     2778 T20 5/8" 1-0"
1-1/2" 36 74,000 14,800 1-1/4"       T30 5/8" 1-0"
1-5/8" 40 92,400 18,480         T30 3/4" 1-1/4"
1-3/4" 44 106,000 21,200         T30 3/4" 1-1/4"
2-0" 48 126,000 25,200         T50    
marine hardware Click here to Download Our Boat Line & Hardware Selection Guide PDF

Additional rope diameters, lengths, and special assemblies are available.  Just ask. All lines and special assemblies are made-to-order to your exacting specifications by expert craftsmen utilizing traditional methods and superior splicing techniques to make the best lines made in the USA. Denver Rope is a factory direct - wholesale distributor - for Miami Cordage located in Miami, FL--A family run business serving the marine industry since 1965.

house boat dock lines
Custom Houseboat Line Packages and Special Assemblies are Our Specialty
nautical rope strength Click here to Download Catalog PDF, View Chapter 10 Houseboat Lines
Denver Rope Catalog Denver Rope Catalog PDF Rope Brochure
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Thank you for visiting Denver Rope, we have the widest selection of Custom Colored Boat Lines, Dock Lines, Anchor Lines, and Tow Lines for your power boat, wake-board boat, ski boat, houseboat, sailboat or yacht on the web. Our rope is proudly made in the USA. If you are looking for a special rope and hardware combination that you don't see on this site, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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